Daewoo Leganza Parts & Accessories

Among the three cars introduced by Daewoo in 1999, the Leganza is the largest and also the most costly. From 1991 up to 2002, the model has been the flagship of Daewoo cars imported in America.

The Daewoo Leganza midsize sedan considered as the luxury vehicle of the Daewoo car brand. Upon introduction, the make is available in three basic trims: the SE, SX and the premium CDX. All trim levels are equipped with a 2.2 liter four-cylinder engine. A four-speed automatic transmission unit is standard for both the SX and CDX while the SE trim comes standard with a five speed manual gearbox. The four speed automatic shift is also available as an option for the SE trim.

The word "competitive" best describes all the qualities and characteristics of the Daewoo Leganza. It can compete with most of the other Japanese and local cars in its class but would never surpass or outshine them. It offers every driver good performance but it would never rank as outstanding. What really put the Daewoo Leganza into an extreme disadvantage with its competitors is not its quality but the loses that the company has been having. Instead of appreciating what the car offers, buyers were consumed by fears about future repairs and warranties if the company discontinued its services in the US. Furthermore, other competitors like Hyudai and Kia would offer longer warranties than they have.

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