It's probably not one of the most popular brands in the world, but if you want great comfort and efficiency minus the high prices, then Daewoo is the vehicle for you. The company is a leader in a variety of industries and is also a prominent name in the automotive world, although there are mixed reviews regarding the car make. The brand name actually means Great Universe in Korean, and the business group, particularly its motor division, was founded in Incheon, South Korea sometime in 1937. Today, the company is Korea's second largest conglomerate, with Hyundai Group topping the list. Although the brand originated in Asia, a lot of international retailers are selling Daewoo parts as well, especially after the car make made its debut in the United States in 1999.

Most car drivers are apprehensive when it comes to this brand. What's exactly in the car that would make them want to buy it? But even though it's not as widely popular as other Asian brands, the vehicle also holds its own niche in the industry and is still considered as an immovable force in the car world because of its many benefits and reasonable prices. One of the Daewoo car models which made its 1999 debut in the US was the Nubira. The model is an example of the vehicle's sophisticated styling and exterior. It was greeted with mixed reviews, but the positives outweigh the negatives, specifically because the Nubira looks like a high end vehicle but it doesn't come with a jaw-dropping expensive price tag. The car can actually be parked beside a luxury vehicle and it won't look cheap or substandard at all.

Like the Nubira, all other Daewoo cars look superior as well but customers don't have to shell out huge amounts of money in order to obtain one. The brand can be classified as the car which middle and lower middle class families can afford. The upper market also has a place in their garage for the brand's models because it looks classy and stylish too. It is actually a great replacement or alternative vehicle when the luxury brand they own breaks down. But being a replacement car is not the brand's sole purpose. In fact, the Nubira model can be considered as a family car as well because of its spacious and comfortable interior. Plus, the gas mileage is quite impressive, making the brand ideal for long travels like camping trips.

The downside of the Nubira, and possibly all other Daewoo cars, is the quality of the body paint. A lot of car owners complained that the exterior finish easily chips off and succumbs immediately to scratches or peeling. Some even complained that Daewoo car parts are hard to find and expensive. But that won't be the case if you shop here at Parts Train. We stock all kinds of performance replacement parts and accessories for every vehicle make in the market. For extreme affordability, get your car parts from our website today.