Chrysler Voyager Parts & Accessories

Chrysler Voyager Minivans have been the staple vehicle for starting young families as well as urban families with 2 or 3 children. It's a carpool vehicle for work, school, a transporter of groceries a vehicle for children's sports activities good for carrying their gears and a whole lot more. The versatility of the minivan combined with the easy car-like performance and utilitarian capabilities of an SUV has made it a popular choice for many. Chrysler has seen this and has extended much effort in the development of their minivan lineup and this has paid off well.

The once very famous Plymouth Voyager had a change of nametag in 2000, they will now carry the Chrysler nameplate. This is due to the untimely demise of the Chrysler subsidiary, the Plymouth. They are now known as the Chrysler Voyager and sure enough the Plymouth name is history in 2001. Even though the Chrysler badge is already paired up with its own minivan, the Town and Country, the Voyager and the Grand Voyager is just too good a minivan to just simply drop. The Voyager has without fail delivered well in all aspects, they have great cargo capacity, outstanding comfort, fantastic styling, excellent ride quality and responsive handling. Also, Chrysler needed an affordable minivan since the Town and Country was too upscale, the Voyager is here to fill that gap in.

On its first year of being a Chrysler, the Voyager was offers short-wheelbase ,Voyager, and long-wheelbase, Grand Voyager, body types with two levels of trim. There is the base model and the SE. A 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine is standard on base models, but these minivans are provided with extra kicks when an optional V6 is chosen. Acceleration with the 3.3-liter, 158-horsepower engine is quite impressive from startup and the carrying power is exceptional. Automatic transmission shifts are neat and smooth and is quite reliable even on strained driving. Driving impressions are still great and handling is remarkable for a minivan. The visibility is great and safety has high marks. They are fun to drive and are very maneuverable in tight spaces such as urban shopping centers parking lots.

Possessing attractive design and styling, the Chrysler Voyager is a good choice in the aesthetics department, it's more than just a box on wheels. Cargo space is not just the basic issue nowadays in buying a big car. Chrysler did well in keeping the price low of this favored minivan, but for those who want more, Chrysler offers packages and options to make it more luxurious. Sadly though, by 2003, the tag voyager followed the path of the Plymouth tag, Town and Country was provided with a more affordable tag and a short wheelbase version to keep the Voyager tradition alive.