Chrysler TC Maserati Parts & Accessories

TC Maserati The name attached to it alone signifies class, sophistication and sportiness. Maserati has been known to produce fantastic performing sportscar, embedded with great quality and amazing speed. This collaboration with Chrysler gave birth to the TC. Envisioned from the very start as a two-passenger luxury grand touring convertible and changed only in minor details from its early archetypal materialization, the TC was intended to serve as Chrysler's image-building flagship vehicle, a halo car if you will. This will allow Chrysler to have a car that will attract the customers to the dealerships and thus giving exposure to their other cars, thus the halo effect.

The TC is based on the Chrysler K platform and is a GT (Grand Touring). It was first shown in the Los Angeles car show in 1986, but problems in building and in the promotion of semi-drivable pre-production examples could not make good the impulsively announced introduction of the TC as a 1987 model. It was finally released in 1989, but the fumbled release and some problems with the underpinnings couldn't get it to reach its potential projected sales. By 1991 sales were below average that Chrysler had to discontinue the TC

Each and every TC was built by hand in Milan, Italy, where an assembly line was created. The detailed concern given to it made it very special. The handcrafted vehicles were built there after the engines were sent then shipped back to the U.S. again were selected dealerships would showcase them. Only 7,300 TC's were created in their three-year run and this made them sort of an exclusive membership. The first produced TC's were provided with a 2.2-liter Daytona-based Turbo engine. This engine is of international elements. The cylinder head was cast in England and finished of in Italy. The pistons came from Germany and the turbocharger is Japanese. The cams were designed in Florida but are constructed by Maserati in Italy. Most of the rest of the engine are made in the United States. For the next production years a V6 engine from Mitsubishis was provided. Thee was also an optional more powerful Chrysler-based 2.2 liter engine fitted with a double overhead cam 16 valve Maserati head engine that could be chosen for those who wanted more power and speed. The transmissions available was a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed. This Chrysler car had some little similarities with the others in the Chrysler stable, all parts and accessories to it were unique only to the TC. These sporty car had racing in mind and had special parts from race car parts manufacturers. Much accolades has been given by those special few who had the rare chance to own one.