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Most car manufacturers, especially those who were in the industry for quite some time now, have been naming some of their new automobiles that are equipped with similar components and characteristics by the same name as that of their well-liked classic vehicles. This tradition has been done over and over again, and usually, the revival turns out to be more popular and performs better in terms of sales than the original ones. Chrysler Corporation was certainly not an exception to these manufacturers; however, the result turned the other way around with its Saratoga model. Both the original and the revival Saratogas did not create significant impact in the industry.

It was in 1939 when the first Saratoga name was heard. It was Chrysler's cheapest full-size, eight cylinder model, even lower than that of the Imperial and the New Yorker Special. A year later, the name Saratoga was used to the Series 26 eight-cylinder models and so with the Traveler and New Yorker models to come up with a four-door sedan having the sport and formal interior options. For 1941, Saratoga was again assigned to the Series 30 and the following year to the Series C-36. This time, it had more body style options.

Came 1946 through 1953 when the name Saratoga was again used after 4 years of disappearance in the circulation. Some notable changes made include a full array of body styles, some slight appearance modifications, the use of the Hemi V8 engine, and a very limited production of the Saratoga eight-passenger limousine in 1951. Once more, the Saratoga name was dropped but was revived again in 1957 until 1960. The name was used to embody the forward look styling design. It had series of minor and major changes both in the mechanical and exterior aspect, but was discontinued for another time to give way for the new low-price entry-level Newport.

For the last time, the Saratoga name was used to rebadge the Dodge Spirit models that will be exported to the European market in 1989. It had better equipments and was equipped with upgraded engine and enhanced transmission. In 1995, the Saratoga name finally came to rest. Nevertheless, owning such model can still be considered as a valuable possession. To maintain its good running and showroom condition, use only best quality Chrysler Saratoga parts and accessories. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of Chrysler Saratoga performance, aftermarket and replacement parts, and stylish and practical accessories. You can start browsing our catalogue for detailed information and accurate specifications. Check it out now!