Chrysler Prowler Parts & Accessories

To this date, as an automobile manufacturer, Chrysler remains to be one of the most competitive in the industry. Not only that, you can also expect great satisfaction and pleasure every time you drive a Chrysler product. Since its foundation in 1928 until its merger with the Daimler-Benz Corporation in 1998 down to the present as DaimlerChrysler Corporation, it never ceased to come up with outstanding models. Modern Chrysler vehicles that showcase brilliant engineering and excellent performance include PT Cruiser, Sebring (sedan, coupe and convertible), 300, Pacifica and Town & Country. The Chrysler Prowler is another model to consider.

The Prowler can be referred to as Chrysler's or Plymouth's. Whichever of the two, only one automobile is involved, and that is the retro-styled production car that was introduced in 1997 and was produced through 2002. It is basically a 2-door roadster sports car with a 3.2-liter SOHC V6 powerplant that can boost 253 horsepower and a transmission of 4-speed automatic that was moved into the rear portion of the vehicle. Both components are attached by a flexible driveshaft that enables the vehicle to run a C5 Corvette speed. If you are going to take a look of the chassis components, you will notice that most of the components found there are made of aluminum, and were durably bounded by adhesive.

The most notable feature of the prowler is the open Indy-racer-style front wheel that is usually seen on automobiles in race tracks. Such design concept was the product of the brilliant idea of the Chrysler engineers that were given the liberty to do whatever they wanted in a hot rod or sportster type car. There were 12 basic exterior body colors available for it starting with the purple color in '97. Actually, Prowlers sold from 1997 through 2001 except for '98 was referred to as Plymouth's. When it was discontinued, it was referred to as Chrysler's until 2002. It was replaced by the Chrysler Crossfire for 2004.

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