Chrysler LeBaron Parts & Accessories

The Chrysler LeBaron was a car manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation from 1977 to 1995. But while the LeBaron was manufactured and sold continuously by Chrysler from its introduction to its demise, it is surprising that not all of the cars that carried the LeBaron name were the same. Actually, the Chrysler LeBaron would refer to at least four distinct vehicles manufactured by Chrysler within the said period of time.

Before being a Chrysler vehicle model of its own, the LeBaron nameplate was first used by Chrysler to name special trims of their previous cars. The LeBaron nameplate once appeared in the Chrysler Imperial line-up and, at a separate instance, in the Chrysler Thunderbolt line-up. But the Chrysler LeBaron as a separate vehicle model only appeared starting 1977.

When it was introduced as an independent vehicle model in 1977, the Chrysler LeBaron was fitted in the Chrysler M-body platform. It was a large car, similar to the Canadian Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Caravelle. In the US, it was sold side by side the Chrysler Town & Country, another M-Body car that was offered only as a station wagon. All these M-body cars were introduced as replacements to the Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare, both F-body cars manufactured before the M-body platform was introduced.

The M-body Chrysler LeBaron was dropped for the 1981 model year, only to be replaced by a car with the same name but this time based on the K-body platform. The K-body Chrysler LeBaron was available in sedan, coupe, and convertible body styles. It was actually just a rebadged version of the Dodge 400 and was sold side by side the redesigned Chrysler Town & Country station wagon, then also fitted on the K-body platform. The said version of the LeBaron lasted only until 1986. After 1986, the Chrysler LeBaron was fitted on the J-body platform, and from 1990 until it was dropped in 1995, on the A-body platform. Although both the J-body and K-body platforms were just variations of the K platform, one can easily see the differences the later platforms has over their predecessors.

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