Chrysler Grand Voyager Parts & Accessories

Chrysler pioneers the minivan segment of the auto industry with the introduction of three minivans in 1984: the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Chrysler Town and Country and the Plymouth Voyager. With the three models, Chrysler had set the benchmark for minivans from the design to the interior features and ride quality. The three were nearly identical minivans, using the same platform and engines. The first platform used was the Chrysler S platform. In 1987, a longer version of the S platform was used and the model was called as the Grand Caravan. Five years after, it was replaced by the Chrysler AS platform.

Back in the 1970s, Chrysler had already introduced a full-size passenger van using the Plymouth Voyager nameplate. It was a 12-seater van based on the Dodge Sportsman van and was the first Plymouth vehicle to have a truck's body. The stretched version of the former Voyager could accommodate three more passengers inside. In Europe, it was referred to as the Chrysler Voyager or the Chrysler Caravan. In 2001, the Voyager minivan no longer carried a Plymouth nameplate, but a Chrysler, thus, the Chrysler Voyager and Chrysler Grand Voyager minivans were born.

The new Chrysler minivans continued its long-time popularity as the Plymouth minivans. Still priding itself with its great cargo capacity, sophisticated styling, superior ride quality and sedan-like handling, the Chrysler Voyager takes the lead in the minivan market. Few changes went along the new Chrysler nameplate. This includes the standard AM/FM stereo with cassette and redesigned interior. There were four new colors added to the list: bright silver, patriot blue, aquamarine and shale green. Like the older Chrysler minivans, they come in two trim levels, the base Voyager and the top of the line Voyager SE, both in short wheelbase (Chrysler Voyager) and long wheelbase versions (Chrysler Grand Voyager).

Grand Voyager boasts of bigger space, with its longer wheelbase, six inches more than the Voyager. When it comes to maneuverability, the smaller Voyager is more advantageous; however, during higher accelerations and on uneven pavements, the Grand Voyager exhibits more abilities than the Voyager. The bigger Voyager also provides more space for cargo, which reaches up to 168.5 cu ft when the seats are removed. But just the same, Chrysler affords Voyager owners the same line of standard and optional features for their safety and comfort. Among the standard amenities offered are sliding doors, removable seats and head restraints. For added convenience and driving satisfaction, Chrysler offers the following as options: rear air conditioning, seven-passenger seating, front seat cargo net, storage drawers, two child seats and more.