Chrysler E Class Parts & Accessories

Exceptional automobile engineering is what Chrysler is known for. For almost a century, Chrysler never ceased to introduce significantly interesting models, one after the other. There are the Crossfire, the PT Cruiser, Sebring (sedan, coupe and convertible), 300, Pacifica and Town & Country. Since 1925 (the year when the Chrysler Corporation was founded) until 1998 (the year when it was merged with the Daimler-Benz Corporation to form the DaimlerChrysler Corporation) down to present, Chrysler automobiles have always been an exciting pleasure to experience.

In 1983, another Chrysler model was introduced in the name of the E-Class. This was perfectly intended for the people who are looking for front wheel drive family sedan with bigger space than a K-body automobile combined with additional power. The E-Class is a 4-door mid-size sedan that is based on a stretched version of the Chrysler K platform. It was designed to serve as a competing model for Buick's Century and Oldsmobile's Cutlass Ciera. It can be aptly described as a slightly edged Le Baron in terms of personal luxury but a cheaper Fifth Avenue.

Although the E-Class was only but one model, it nevertheless came in variations of options either ala carte or in packages allowing the owner and prospective buyers to modify it the way they need it to be. Other specifications for the E-Class include the powerplant options of 2.2-liter naturally aspirated K I4, 2.2-liter Turbo / I4 and 2.6-liter Mitsubishi G54B I4, transmission options of 3-speed A413 automatic and 3-speed A470 automatic. For the 1984 E-Class, a fuel injected 2.2-liter engine with an optional Garrett AiResearch T-03 turbocharger was offered. Despite such characteristics and features, the E-Class did not perform well in terms of sales so it was discontinued in 1985 but was rebadged instead as the Plymouth Caravelle.

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