Chrysler Executive Parts & Accessories

For over its many years in the automotive world, Chrysler has been recognized as one of the ultimate automakers which have dedicated its existence in providing the industry with excellent and remarkable vehicle models having different platforms and designs. As what is displayed by most of the vehicle models produced, truly, Chrysler stands for power and performance. And because of this, Chrysler has gained the trust and confidence of the different buying sectors in the society coming from the elite group, the business group, and also the common buying public. Starting from its beginning, Chrysler has been very competitive in the market and has become one of the leading marques when it comes to automobile design, engineering, and innovation. To impress the public, almost all of the Chrysler models which come from the assembly plant are guaranteed to deliver excellent performance and outstanding level of comfort.

To trace back the history of Chrysler, Chrysler Corporation was considered to be an American automobile manufacturer which was founded by Walter P. Chrysler on the year 1925. After it was merged with Daimler Benz in 1998, Chrysler became part of the Daimler Chrysler known to be a German based. The first launched Chrysler vehicle was known to be a well engineered car, for a least expected minimal cost. After the first Chrysler model numerous Chrysler vehicles followed.

On the year 1984 through 1986 Chrysler Executive was introduced. This Chrysler Executive was known to be a stretched version of the Chrysler Lebaron type which is aimed to boost the market segment of limousines type of vehicles. Chrysler Executive is of two distinct models which has their different wheelbases. These two Chrysler Executive types of vehicle are Chrysler Executive Sedan and the Chrysler Executive Limousine. The Executive Sedan type was introduced 1984. It has four doors with five seats and with a wheelbase of 124". The Executive Limousine type on the other hand also has four doors, but with seven seats, and with a 131" wheelbase. This type was produced for the 1984 up to 1986 model year.

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