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Since 1925, the year when Chrysler was established, until 1998, the year when it was merged with Daimler-Benz Corporation to form the DaimlerChrysler Corporation, down to this date, Chrysler automobile never failed to showcase exceptional engineering in every automobile it produce. A number of which even surpassed the quality and performance of some of the world's top-rated car manufacturers' products. Some of Chrysler's valuable models include the Concorde, PT Cruiser, Sebring, 300, Pacifica, Town & Country and many others. The Chrysler Dynasty is another.

The Dynasty can be referred to as Dodge's or Chrysler's (name used in Canadian market). It was designed to replace the discontinued Dodge Diplomat. It is a front wheel drive, mid-size sedan that was introduced in 1987 as a 1988 model. Its platform was based on the FF C-body, with powerplant options of 2.5-liter K I4, 3.0-liter Mitsubishi 6G72 V6, and 3.3-liter EGA V6, and transmission options of 3-speed A413 automatic, 3-speed A670 automatic and 4-speed A604 automatic. Akin to it is Chrysler's New Yorker that was based on the same platform — chassis, body panel, and mechanical assembly, but the Dynasty had lesser standard equipments and was sold at a lower price.

Originally, Dynasty was offered in two trims — the base and the LE. Both had a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine coupled with a 3-speed automatic transmission and an optional engine of 3.0-liter, V6 and transmission of 4-speed automatic shift. Years later, its powerplant was upgraded but was available only for the LE trim. For the 1990 Dynasty, no major redesign was made, except for the added powerplant option and a fresh dashboard design. With the arrival of the cab-forward Dodge Intrepid, Dynasty finally came to rest.

Being a large mid-size sedan, the critics were actually expecting more than being a good practical vehicle. The Chrysler Dynasty cannot offer more than what is expected from a large sedan. Powerful over-all performance is another story from spacious interior that can accommodate up to six passengers and other practicality you get to derive from it. It's just perfect for those who prefer usefulness over high-speed performance. Should you wish to maintain your Dynasty vehicle's good running and showroom condition, then the use of premium quality Chrysler Dynasty parts and accessories only is a must. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of various Dynasty products for your automotive needs. You can start browsing out catalogue for detailed information and accurate specifications. Check it out now!