Chrysler Cordoba Parts & Accessories

The Cordoba was Chrysler's first entry in the personal luxury market and the first Chrysler-branded automobile. Sold in North American market from 1975 to 1983, the Cordoba amused the car enthusiasts with a luxury name and a luxury feel for a very affordable price. It is a B-body car that became one of Chrysler's few indisputable hits of the '70s. In its first few years of production, demands for this car actually surpassed the number of units released. Hence, more than half of Chrysler's production that time was composed of Cordobas.

Cordoba offered many V-8 engine including the standard 318/ 2 bbl carb and the optional 360/ 2bbl carb, 400-4V single exhaust and 400ci 4bbl and dual exhaust. Providing the car's amazingly good handling is the suspension with longitudinal front torsion bars. The 1976 Cordoba is equipped with attractive and sporty three spoke wheel and conventional dashboard. Built on a 115-inch wheelbase, the 1976 Cordoba came with overall length of 215.3 inches, height of 52.6 inches and overall width of 77.1 inches.

For 1977 model year, Cordoba has been known as a sophisticated car that rode like a boat. It received a new powertrain, the 400 ci 8 cylinder engine with four barrel Quadrajet carburetor generating 175 horsepower; new transmission, a 4-speed automatic; new set of tires (15" rims with P225/70R/15 WW); and other nice touches like AM/FM radio with 4 speakers, leather seats, power windows, power seat, intermittent wipers, air conditioning and mud flaps. Cordoba's original design and substance remained for three years, despite some very minor styling and option changes.

Downsized for 1980 model year, the Cordoba shared LeBaron and Dodge Mirada's shorter wheelbase. The restyled second-generation Cordoba didn't attract the crowd the way the original Cordoba did and its sales weren't successful. As a result, the Cordoba was phased out in 1983.

You are lucky to own a Cordoba because it is considered as a pretty collectible today. The most valuable Cordobas are the ones produced in its earliest stage, especially those models featuring four-barrel carburetor and the unique Cordoba-based 300 produced in 1979. So if you own a Cordoba, particularly those that belong to the valuable class, you should maintain its tiptop shape and condition! As a part of proper care and maintenance, owners should make sure that all the dated and worn out parts are replaced with new car parts. And if you're bothered by the thought of looking for genuine Chrysler Cordoba auto-replacement parts, worry no more! Parts Train is here to provide all your auto parts needs! From electrical parts to body parts, from engine parts to car accessories, Parts Train got it covered! It is our top mission to provide you the finest Chrysler Cordoba replacement and restoration parts.