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Chrysler's history is perhaps one of the most interesting in the automobile industry. Tracing back, the Chrysler Corporation is an independent American car manufacturer that was founded by Walter Percy Chrysler in 1925. Years after, several brands such as the Plymouth, DeSoto, Dodge, and Imperial were established under this corporation. Its automobiles were noted for brilliant engineering, but despite it, the corporation also experienced some financial difficulties to the extent of merging with the Daimler-Benz Corporation by 1998. It is now called the DaimlerChrysler Corporation.

Whether as an independent car manufacturer or being merged with the Daimler-Benz Corporation, still, Chrysler automobiles has left and will always leave indelible marks in the industry. One of the Chrysler models that has been renowned for half a century is the Chrysler 300. The Chrysler 300 letter series was first introduced in 1955. Its main feature was the amazing power output of 300 horsepower that can reach a top speed of 127.680 miles an hour, the best record during that year. Later, 300 had an increase in power at 139.373 miles an hour, and additional gearboxes resulting to 300's more success. Aside from the 2-door hardtop 300s, a 2-door convertible also became available. Other notable changes included the use of fins, use of additional performance equipments and continuing increase in power output even reaching the 413 horsepower mark.

In 1962, a 300 4-door hard top and a 4-door sedan body styles was offered. Year after year, several aesthetic changes were made including a bigger room for 5-passengers. However, in 1979, the 300 letter series came to rest and came back after two decades. This time, the 300 was no longer available in convertibles and 2-door model range, but a four-door sedan packed with V6, 215 cid, SBEC III fuel injected powerplant to boost 253bhp. Available transmission for it is a 4-speed automatic. Also, a 300 Hemi-C was produced for the first time although it was not that successful. Came 2005, when the original 300 was relived in its very essence. Notable features of it included a rear-drive Hemi muscle and detailed sophistication, in addition to the expected power and performance.

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