Not everyone can afford high-end cars that are marked with staggering price tags. Leave the million-dollar limousines and luxury brands to the rich and famous. Once a vehicle crosses a certain thousand-dollar mark, it is already tagged as impractical and pricey--two words that can be deadly to the sales of a company. But of course everyone wants to have at least one efficient car that can cater to their everyday driving needs and errands. So, the quest for that "affordable luxury" never ends. That is, until Chrysler came along. Simply put, the brand is for the middle class--not those unreachable executives in top corporations, but not exactly those who are subsisting on foodstamps either. The company made sure the vehicles were priced moderately and fits the budget of the simple American who wants to experience a bit of luxury. Automotive retailers even offer Chrysler parts at affordable costs.

Even though it was not completely considered as a luxury vehicle, the brand still left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. It popularized and patented the Chrysler HEMI engine back in the 1950's, and the technology is still being used by the company until today. Any car enthusiast is familiar with this type of engine because Chrysler's brand name is very much intertwined and associated with the HEMI technology. The trademark engine was first used in 1951, followed by a series of powerful models from 1964 to 1971, and up until today. HEMI is actually short for hemispherical combustion chamber. This type of chamber has the ability to supply more power to an engine than ordinary ones because it creates more space for larger valves and allows the airflow to smoothly pass through the cylinder head.

Chrysler became legendary because of this innovation. The first HEMI vehicle was a V8-powered engine which was able to produce around 180 horsepower. It's definitely way below the standard compared to today's whopping 300 to 400 HPs, but this was in 1951, and a 180 horsepower was already sort of a miracle. In 1965 though, the company surpassed everyone's expectations and produced a 426 street HEMI which was able to burst around 426 horsepower. It was the 60's, and 426 HP was practically unheard of. Thus, this HEMI was used to power a lot of racing cars.

Today's HEMI engine heads no longer follow the standard hemispherical chamber designs. Instead, the heads are more complex and are now flatter than its 1950s counterparts. Aside from being power heavy, Chrysler continues to produce fuel efficient engines and even used a Multi-Displacement System on some models to reduce fuel consumption under light loads.

Chrysler is a proof that even middle class cars can become legends in the automotive world. You also don't need to have tons of money in order to afford luxury. Parts Train offers Chrysler accessories and parts at prices that will surely fit everyone's budget. Scan our wide inventory and make a purchase today so you can get the best value for your money.