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Chevrolet Vega: Introduced during the second wave of the American auto industry's attempt to vanquish imported cars, the Chevrolet Vega is one of the vehicles Chevrolet designated as their first line of attack and defense against the imports of that time. It was a replacement for the Chevrolet Corvair. The Vega is a compact coupe and a station wagon sold between 1968 and 1977.

The Chevrolet Vega was provided with a 2.3L "2300" SOHC I4 as a standard engine using a single-barrel carburetor and produced 90 hp and a 2 barrel option boosted output of up to 110hp. These motors have alloy cylinder blocks with iron sleeves, and a cast iron head. Problems with these engines though soon arise; first, they were far too expensive to mass-produce, soon, engineering flaws were determined counting on recalls numbering to more than a hundred thousand units then re-engineering took years to finish.

The Vega is known as the first automobile that GM produced that offered standard front wheel brake equipment and was also the first car that GM produced with extensive use of robotic welding equipment. Chevrolet did all it could to provide it the most innovative and cutting edge technology for that era. They went as far as to even provide it with its own very new modernized plant equipped with the latest technology. Problems plagued the Vega soon after, work strikes and engineering problems affected its first year sales. Recalls due to engine problems would soon affect succeeding sales and the Vega would never really get past it. Still, with Chevrolets determination, the Vega would improve dramatically. Engineering and designing flaws were corrected and the desired formula was achieved. Cargo space and passenger cabin were maximized, engine performance got better, even getting an upgrade in 1975. All of these would have been enough to boost sales, the Vega was now a better performer, it was safer, it had more power and it had more space. But the Stigma of their latter mistakes still hang on and it was continue to be outsold by its competitors. By 1977, General Motors felt that it could no longer afford to produce the Vega and dropped it off soon after from the roster.

Many Vega still roam the streets of this country though Chevrolets excellence embedded in the very soul of this classic car. Maintaining such a vehicle is imperative, luckily, there are still top-notch quality Chevrolet Vega parts available in the market. At parts Train you could find the perfect classic Chevrolet Vega part that you are looking for. Just surf their easy to use online shop and you will find that they have a complete and comprehensive catalog for your perusal.