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It was in 1950 when the original concept of minivan was developed by Volkswagen, a Germany-based automobile manufacturer, but was only formally launched by Chrysler (Dodge Caravan) in 1983 and Renault (Renault Space) in 1984. Today, minivans have been one of the most sought after automobile body styles because of its perfect size to have a maximum interior room for a family or peers of 7 or more. Minivans resemble a van but have rear side doors, rear side windows and interior fittings to accommodate passengers just like the station wagon. Among the different minivan models, the Chevrolet's Uplander was among the desired ones.

The Uplander was introduced by General Motors' Chevrolet division in 2005 as a replacement for the Venture and Astro models. It was a 4-door minivan that is equipped with 3.5-liter High Value 3500 LX9 V6 powerplant to boost 200 horsepower and 220 ft-lbf of torque, paired with electronically controlled Hydra-matic four speed automatic transmission. Although intended to be Venture's and Astro's successor, the Uplander's production actually overlapped with its predecessor's final years of production. Nevertheless, the Uplander was considered to be one great and exciting automobile just like the Astro and Venture on which it was chiefly patterned after. The Uplander was built on the same FF / AWD U-body platform as where Saturn's Relay, Buick's Terraza and Pontiac's Montana were also built.

Moreover, the Chevrolet Uplander is one great automobile to exhibit the perfect combination of versatility, style, functionality, and dependability. With such features, the Uplander allows you to rapidly and easily reconfigure it in a way you want it to be, to boast its good looks, and to give you optimum driving pleasure and safety. Its StabiliTrak system monitors the driver's intended vehicle path with the use of sensors coupled with a master electronic control module; measures your vehicle's steering angle, wheel speed, brake pressure and others; works and detects wheelslip, loss of lateral traction, understeer or oversteer. It also allows you to choose from the three different kinds of suspensions to suit your driving needs — the smooth ride, sport package and independent rear suspension for sport.

The Chevrolet Uplander, aside from those mentioned, offer several other features to take your ride and driving experience to a higher level. Safety is also among the primary concerns of this vehicle that is why it is equipped with safety standard amenities such air bags. Considering you already own this automobile then here at Parts Train, all your Chevrolet Uplander automotive needs are sure to find. Be it performance, aftermarket or replacement parts, and stylish and practical accessories, you will find the perfect product that will fit the specifications of your vehicle. Check them out now!