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Ford, GM and Chrysler, Detroit's "Big Three" car manufacturers were blindsided by the fame of small pickup trucks in 1970s. Because they sold millions of big pickup trucks every year, all these three automakers never seemed to consider that there might be a market for smaller pickups in US. On the other hand, Chevrolet does the opposite thing.

Chevrolet is a brand of automobile, now a division of General Motors. Because of Chevrolet's success, GM has remained the world's largest corporation that dominated the American car and truck markets in the early 1970s. And because of those positions, GM became sensitive, especially when the popularity of small pickups was developing into a threat. So the company started buying pickup trucks from Isuzu, began slapping Chevrolet badges on them and LUV for "Light Utility Vehicle" was born.

Chevrolet LUV went on sale in March of 1972 in several Chevrolet dealerships, serving markets with a high percentage of import truck buyers. It was recognized by the press instantly but unfortunately, they find the Chevy LUV fairly ordinary. They say that as a truck, the Chevy LUV is just similar to that of Ford entries, so there's really nothing special in it.

But in spite of its ordinariness, for a limited-release product the LUV sold well for Chevrolet. By the end of 1972, 21,098 of Chevrolet LUV were sold. Anyway, the 102.4-inch wheelbase Chevy LUV had an SOHC inline engine that breathes through a two-barrel carburetor. Its sole transmission was a four-speed manual, it features four 14-inch wheels that were wrapped in skinny bias-ply tires and positioned outboard a quartet of drum brakes.

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