Chevrolet K1500 Parts & Accessories

The K-Series is a line of full-size pickup truck of Chevrolet from 1962 to 1998. The first Chevrolet K- Series pickup truck was released around 1924, though domestic designs did not appear until 1930. "K" stands for vehicle models that had four-wheel drive. Unfortunately, this K-Series was replaced with the GMC Sierra in 1988 and the Chevrolet Silverado in 1999; the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD heavy-duty pickups followed in 2001.

Back from the 1962, Chevrolet trucks were available in smooth "Fleetside" or fendered "Stepside" versions. General Motors called these "Wideside" and "Fenderside." There are also available the half-ton models such as the C10 and K10 which are the short-bed trucks and C15 and K15 are the long-bed trucks. In addition, the 3/4 ton C20 and K20, as well as the one-ton C30, were also available. GMC did not use the "C" categorization, though their 4x4 versions had the "K" label.

In 1967, a new and more modern look came in. It was the revision of the K-Series truck that General Motors began to market trucks as general transportation rather than as work vehicles. In 1968, its engine was replaced from 283 in³ (4.6 L) to 307 in³ (5.0 L) and the 310 hp 396 in³ (6.5 L) V8 was offered for the first time. The complete redesign of K-Series pickup trucks was in 1973 and it last for about 14 years without any major redesign followed. In 1975, it was the introduction of two important names as trim lines, such as the Silverado for Chevrolet and Sierra for GMC. This was also the existence of Chevrolet K1500 which also include on their trim line vehicles.

The Chevrolet K1500 is a powerful and reliable light-duty vehicle, suitable to most jobs such as farm, construction site or even in the woods. The Chevrolet K1500 also come out in three particular models such as the W/T or work truck, regular cab and extended cab. The latest update to Chevrolet K1500 includes a suppression switch for the passenger air bag, Pass-lock theft restriction system and a standard rear step bumper. Also standard are dual power outlets, front tow hooks, stainless steel exhaust system, and eight wire trailering harness.

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