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Chevrolet G30

The G30 is an automobile that is produced by General Motors, the maker of all Chevrolet vehicles. The Chevrolet G30 and it counterparts such as the G10 and G20 replaced the original Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Van way back late 60's, which is the first van that ever produced by General Motors. Using a flat-6 opposed rear engine with air cooling that is inspired by the Volkswagen bus.

The first generation of Chevrolet vans was released around 1964 to 1970 and it was popular by so-called breadloaf. The second generation was the Vandura model, which released by GMC. And the third generation was the Express and Savannah, which is the modern design vans as of 1990's, adopted aerodynamic styling and without exposed hinges on the rear doors. The Vandura and sister Chevrolet G20 and related G series models such as the Chevrolet G30 replaced the earlier flat nosed Chevy Van.

The G-Series model line evolved until it was also replaced by the Chevrolet Express around 1996. The G10 was the light duty version G-Series and was produced alongside the G20, which is a full-sized van, also produced alongside the G30. Their early versions used the Chevrolet passenger car rims until 1975. But can still handle LT tire sizes for better handling and stability. The G20 series sported a SB 262 4.3L engine, not much was changed mechanically in the vehicles since there release. This Chevrolet G30 was a limited edition model of the Chevrolet G-Series. This G30 was a GM factory made conversion that included two flip down flat panel television monitors, a VCR, aluminum wheels, extra trim, a sound system, leather seats and an advanced GM stereo system with CD and cassette. This model was stop around the year 2003.

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