Chevrolet G10 Parts & Accessories

General Motors the makers of Chevrolet vehicles has made many vans, about several platforms and nameplates. All of the van that Chevrolet produced has proven to be a popular truck, with its first released in 1964, and still producing up to now. Ford Econoline series of vans is the strongest competition of Chevrolet van series. The very first Chevrolet van was the Corvair-based Greenbiar van, which used a flat-6 opposed rear engine with air cooling, inspired by the Volkswagen bus.

The Chevrolet G10 is included in Chevrolet van family to be more specific it is a Chevy G series van. This Chevrolet G10 is one of the most top sellers in Chevy G series vehicles in its time. It is a full-size van which can be a cargo van or a passenger vehicle. Chevrolet G10 is designed to provide maximum cargo hauling capacity. It is also an 8-passenger van with 3 rows of seats and a wider body panel in order for its passenger to have more space to move. This Chevrolet G10 is the first G-series van of Chevrolet that had a flat nose with the engine between and behind the front seats.

Presently, the G10 was known as the ultimate G-Series van of Chevrolet. The main use of this vehicle is a commercial and some make it an ambulance vehicle. This G10 is a heavy-duty cutaway van models with featured a budge on the front fenders. When it regards to its performance, you can't resist its moderate and pleasing combination of performance, comfort and handling that every G10 offers. It also provides an excellent acceleration and a very comfortable ride.

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