Chevrolet Express 2500 Parts & Accessories

Transport can sometimes be a big hassle especially if there is a need to take a lot of people with you. And not only can that, carrying baggage also become an issue because the more your companions, the more pieces of baggage. However, it is a good thing that vehicle manufacturers have come up with the right ideas to address this dilemma. They have created the van which is really a very convenient vehicle for transporting a bunch of people and things at the same time. At present, there is quite a number of vans going on the highway and each of them usually appear like a box-shaped automobile and is bigger and taller than your regular car.

Chevrolet is one of the developers of high quality vans. This brand which is one of the divisions of General Motors is the highest selling in the GM marquee. One of Chevy's creations is the Chevrolet Express 2500. The base model used for this Chevrolet Express 2500 is the Express 1500. However, the 2500 has very different technical features.

This Chevrolet Express 2500 is principally a full-size cargo van. This van is available in the 2-wheel drive models and in the all-wheel drive model. One thing common with this two models is that it only features a passenger door on its left side. They also feature upgraded powertrains and Vortec engines like the Vortec 6.0L V8 engine. If you want speed together with the convenience of being able to carry a lot of people and things at the same time, the van can provide it because it can pump up 195 bhp and 260 ft-lbs torque.

Because of the most recent advancements in technology, the 2006 Express 2500 has been equipped with hi-tech compressed natural gas system or bi-fuel system that makes for a more efficient engine cycle. It is even made better with safety features like anti-lock brake system, heated indicator mirrors. The company has also kept in mind the ease of the driver and passenger that's why they have incorporated the OnStar Communication system, premium sound system as well as keyless remote entry to the overall design of the van.

If you are looking for convenience and good performance in just one car, the Chevrolet Express 2500 is the one for you. Parts Train is the reliable partner that you can count on when it comes to the parts and accessories you'll need for the superb Chevrolet Express 2500.