Chevrolet Del Ray Parts & Accessories

Chevrolet or Chevy, founded by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, started as car manufacturer in 1911. It has become a strong force in the automobile industry by coming up with the Classic Six model in 1912. Four years later, Chevrolet was able to sell more than enough units to allow Durant buy a majority of shares in General Motors making him the president of the said company in 1917. Subsequently, Chevrolet was merged with General Motors as a distinct division.

To date, Chevrolet has successfully paved the way to popularity and admiration by lots of car enthusiasts. Some of the most celebrated Chevy models from the car, truck, SUV and minivan lineup are Impala, Corvair, Astro, Aveo, Cavalier, Cobalt, Corvette, Malibu, Avalanche, Blazer, TrailBlazer, Tahoe, Uplander Venture, Epica and the Delray.

The Chevrolet Delray is 210 Series' mid-range optional trim level, but had a separate series of its own by 1958. It was introduced in the year 1954 and was produced and sold until 1957. Initially, Delray was a two-door sedan having an interior of upgraded vinyl upholstery with "waffle-like" pleating and a color that complements that of the exterior body along with carpeting and other minor changes. Although considered as an optional trim level, it had the same standard equipments as that of the 210 Series.

When Delray had its own series, it replaced the Chevrolet One-Fifty or 150 model. It then became Chevrolet's price-leading, no-frills models as opposed to the more expensive Biscayne, Bel Air, and Impala models. However, the features of the Delray were not that significant gaining the bottom end status, but for prospective buyers eyeing for a low-price, economy and basic all-around vehicle then the Delray would be perfect. 248 cubic inches V8 engine and a fuel-injected 283 cubic inches V8 engine were available for upgrading purposes.

Finally, Chevrolet Delray came to rest with the Chevrolet Biscayne, the second lowest trim level taking over it in 1959. If you were able to own a Delray and is on the job of restoration then you are probably hunting for Chevrolet Delray parts and accessories. Good thing Parts Train is here to be of service. We offer here an assortment of replacement, aftermarket and performance parts that just fit the specifications of your Delray vehicle. Go check our catalogue now!