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Chevrolet Cobalt

Chevrolet has been known in the automotive industry as a great automaker; presenting great models with enduring performances. Now, among the most acclaimed models of Chevrolet is the Cobalt. The Chevrolet Cobalt was dubbed the "small premium car" when it was introduced in the market and was destined to replace the Cavalier model of Chevy. This vehicle, upon introduction, was available in two body styles; the coupe and the sedan. Different trims for each Cobalt body styles are also available; coupe was offered in base, LS, SS and SS Supercharged trims while sedan was available in base, LS, LT and SS trims.

Basically, the Chevrolet Cobalt was created to compete in the compact car segment. This capable vehicle was and is always equipped with high-end features and refinements to better suit the need of every customer; especially when it comes to performance and comforts. The Cobalt also came equipped with high-enduring powertrain; the base, LS and LT trims carrying engine that can generate 145 horsepower and the SS Supercharged got boosting 145 horsepower with its Supercharged DOHC engine. All of the Chevrolet Cobalt's trim models also got high-end transmissions; its base and LS trims got a 5-speed manual, the LT got Hydra-Matic 4-speed automatic while the SS Supercharged Coupe got a rewarding SS Supercharged-specific 5-speed manual gearbox.

All of the aforementioned powertrain components of the Chevrolet Cobalt trim models only indicates that, indeed, every Cobalt standing proud on those display centers and on the road are capable of providing exciting rides. But, that's not only for the Cobalt. This very able Chevy model also features great gears and equipment that speaks of superb drivability and luxury. Among these are Cobalt's electronic direct ignition system, electronic throttle control fuel delivery system, close-coupled catalytic converters in the emissions control system and the returnless fuel rail as well as a fast-response oxygen sensor. These are just among the things that enable a Cobalt to render high-performance driving.

Now, when it comes to luxury, Chevrolet Cobalt came equipped with great features such as air conditioning units, AM/FM/CD audio system and a driver information system. Some of the most modern Cobalt models also includes OnStar system and power sunroof.

With all the features and performance gears and equipment included in Chevrolet Cobalt, it is indeed considered as among the most acclaimed models from the Chevrolet family. And Parts Train understands just how important is keeping your Cobalt in top shape for you! Thus, in case you need any replacements or upgrade parts for your Chevrolet Cobalt, Parts Train is here to help. Parts Train offers high-quality Chevrolet Cobalt parts and auto accessories for your needs. Top of the line products ranging from stock Chevrolet Cobalt parts to OEM and aftermarket specifications are available at Parts Train. It's really a nice one-stop shop with Parts Train.