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As a response to GM's worldwide T-car program in 1970s, Chevrolet created the Chevette. The T-car was initially introduced in Brazil as a two-door sedan in 1974. Then finally, the Brazilian Chevette became a vehicle line made up of two-door hatchback and a station wagon, as well as a pickup named Chevy 500 that thrived until 1994.

In the USA, the production of Chevette began in the late 1975 for the 1976 model year. At the start, a three-door hatchback is available and it is outfitted with a 1.4 or 1.6 liter gasoline engine and a four-speed manual transmission. A 3-speed automatic transmission was offered as an option along with the 1.6, and "Rallye" or "Woody" option packs. Also produced in the US is the Chevette "Scooter". It was a 2-seater vehicle with painted bumpers, instead of chromed and very fundamental trim inside and out. There are some features that distinguished the very first Chevettes from the succeeding versions. These include a hood that wraps down to the bumper; round headlights; and a faintly curved tail with tricolor taillights rimmed in chrome.

A 5-door model Chevette riding in a longer wheelbase was added 1978 and an optional back seat for the Scooter was offered. Chervette received minor refinements in 1979 including a facelifted front end, flat hood that no longer wraps down to bumper and huge chrome grille with square headlights. Modifications for 1980 model year include facelifted rear end, wraparound taillights with black frames, squared-off hatch and built-in turn signals coupled with brake lights. For 1983 The Chevette LS model received chrome bumpers, black-and-chrome trim surrounding the windows, full wheelcovers, and luxurious interior. In the succeeding three years, slight enhancements were received by this car until 1987, U.S. Chevette's final model year.

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