Chevrolet C20 Parts & Accessories

The fate that brought Louis Chevrolet and William Durant together proved to be successful when they introduced the Chevrolet vehicles. Named after Louis Chevrolet and was produced by the General Motors owned by William Durant, the Chevrolet became the highest selling GM marque.

Currently, Chevrolet offers nineteen vehicles and many enhanced versions. These vehicles range from compact cars to large sports utility vehicles. To date, the Impala is the number Chevrolet car in the American market and the Tahoe, the highest selling sports utility vehicle. Chevrolet continued to produce well known power-packed line of vehicles which includes the Chevrolet C20.

The Chevrolet C20 belongs to the family of Chevrolet C/K line of vehicles. The Chevrolet C/K was the name for full-size pickup truck produced from 1962 up to 1998. The letters C and K denote Chevrolet models. The "C" refers to the two-wheel drive trucks while the "K" refers to the four-wheel drive trucks. Included in the first generation of Chevrolet C/K was the Chevrolet C20. The models in this generation were also called the C10/K10, the C15/K15, the C20/K20 and the C30. The production years for the first generation Chevrolet C/K were from 1962 up to 1966.

The engine used for this generation were: 236 cubic-inch Chevrolet I6, 261 cubic-inch Chevrolet I6, 283 cubic-inch Small-block V8, 305 cubic-inch Small-block V6, 230 cubic-inch Chevrolet I6, 292 cubic-inch Chevrolet I6, 327 cubic-inch Small-block V8 and 250 cubic-inch Chevrolet I6. The 1962 Chevrolet C/K trucks were available as half-ton models labeled C10 and K10 short-bed trucks and C15 and K15 long bed trucks. Also available were the three quarter C20 and K20 and the one-ton C30. The Chevrolet C/K models were revised in 1967 with a more modern look. It is also in this year that General Motors began to market trucks no longer as work vehicles but as general transportation.

By this time, the Chevrolet C20 is no longer in production but continues to ply around the highways miles after miles. The Chevrolet C/K will not stop giving you the advantages it offers as long as you will not stop from giving it the proper maintenance. And part of maintaining your Chevrolet C/K in tip top condition is replacing the worn out parts that may cause failure in its driving performance. Parts Train would be of great help by providing you the best quality Chevrolet C20 replacement parts. You can avail of Parts Train on line services at your most convenient time or you may call toll free for personal assistance.