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Chevrolet Brookwood General Motors was determined to be a fierce competitor in the automotive industry. To do so, it needed to conquer all segments. Gaining popularity in the mid-30's after a dismal sales in the late 20's, the station wagon was becoming a status symbol and yet it was utilitarian. A mixed media of steel and wood, the station wagon provided ample space for passengers and cargo. It was a necessity since the main point of travel in that time was the train, people needed vehicles large enough to carry them from the station to their homes and vice versa.

Just what is a Station Wagon? First models of the station wagons were used as "hacks" or taxis which loitered around train stations awaiting passengers and their luggages. The modified back ends that made them depot hacks were necessary to carry large amounts of luggage; so basically, they were vehicles that were used as wagons from train stations, thus the name.

Not to be outdone, Chevrolet released their own station wagons to supply the demand. One of these is the Chevrolet Brookwood. A station wagon that combined a steel front assembly with a wooden passenger compartment. These vehicles are sometimes called as "woodies" and these days they are very highly collectible. Remnants of this style survived for a long while on the American market in the form of attached, non-structural wood grained panels attached to the sides of some station wagons, when in the 1950's the popularity of the station wagon were rising at an amazing rate, the wood panels were dropped in favor for steel ones because of problems arising with wood. But since the wood panel was greatly associated with the station wagons, Chevrolet came out with fake wood trimmings to achieve the desired effect without the accompanying problems such as rotting, wood groaning, warping and lots more. With these development, "woodies" were doomed and was dropped off from the lineup.

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