Chevrolet Bel Air Parts & Accessories

Bel Air was a name given by General Motors to a series of automobiles produced by Chevrolet from 1950 to 1976 model years. The year it was launched, it comes as Chevy's most pricey car and it offered the division's first "hard top" model. Starting in 1955, the Bel Air gave exhilaration in two ways — its new styling that included tailfins and hooded headlights; and an all-new V8 engine that was the first in the industry to carry Ramjet fuel injection. 1955 model year was also marked by the dawn of the celebrated Nomad station wagon that existed throughout the fifties.

The 1957 Bel Air is among the most renowned American cars of all time. It came 2-1/2 inches longer than the '56 model. Bel air is a stylish automobile with headlight hooded by the front fenders; three ventiports; hood crowned by a pair of half-round nacelles with small chrome fins matching those on the fenders; and wraparound windshield together with rear fender skirts. Aside from the amazing and much-admired exterior design, the Bel Air has been recognized for its optional 283 cubic-inch Super Turbo-Fire V-8 engine, which equaled cylinder capacity with identical horsepower numbers, another first for the auto industry. The 1957 Bel Air is offered with a host of options that included power steering and brakes, dual outside rearview mirrors, back-up lights, front bumper guards, day-night inside mirror, two-tone interior, seat belts, ventilated seat pads, tinted glass and a whole lot more.

The Bel Air was the cream of Chevy's line, receiving all the bells and whistles and attractive trim necessary to make it stand out in the market full of competitors. In its advertising, Chevrolet yelled "The Hot One's Even Hotter". And history attested that claim to be correct as Chevrolet came close to blowing Ford off its place with Bel Air's help. After 1958, Impala replaces the Bel Air as Chevrolet's leading full-size model. A Bel Air concept car that carried many styling cues from the celebrated 1955, 1956 and 1957 models was presented, but G.M. refused to assemble that car.

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