Chevrolet Aveo Parts & Accessories

A lot of good things can be said about the Chevrolet Aveo, although only on an economy car buyer's perspective. The Chevy Aveo may indeed be a good car, and may even be considered as the best in its class. But compared to other more expensive new vehicles we have in the market today, the Chevrolet Aveo would undoubtedly be ranked near the bottom. Nevertheless, the Chevrolet Aveo is still one of the best economy cars we have today—a good car not for the sports car enthusiast nor for the performance car critic, but for the lowly driver who only want a decent mode of transport at a price he can afford.

The Chevrolet Aveo is a Korean built car with an American name. The car was actually designed and built by Korean GM Daewoo and sold in the U.S. as a Chevrolet. In Korea, the car is known as the Daewoo Kalos, and as the Chevrolet Kalos, Suzuki Swift, Pontiac Wave and Chevrolet Sail in various other parts of the globe. In Eastern Europe, Arabia, South Africa, and the U.S., the model has been known as the Chevrolet Aveo ever since its introduction.

The Chevrolet Aveo was introduced in the U.S. in 2003, filling in the spot that has been left by the previous Chevrolet Prizm. It is Chevrolet's entry-level offering and is actually among the smallest and least expensive cars in the U.S. In the current model year, the Chevrolet Aveo is available in three trim levels: the Special Value Model (SVM), LS, and LT trim level, with the SVM trim priced lowest and the LT trim priced the highest. In whatever trim level, the Aveo is available in either of two body styles: a 4-door sedan, or a shorter five-door hatchback.

The Chevrolet Aveo cannot compete well with other brand new premium cars, but at the price that they are sold, you wouldn't really expect them to be as competitive. All Chevy Aveo comes standard with a 103-hp 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that can cruise quietly at 70 mph but performs inferior at speeds faster than that. A manual transmission unit is standard and is more preferred than the optional automatic transmission unit. At a low price, buyers may be surprised with the number of features installed inside the car, which includes among others a tachometer, a tilting steering wheel, adjustable seatbelt anchors, floor mats, and two power outlets.

They may not perform as well as other high-end cars but at their price level, Chevrolet Aveo is among the exceptional economy cars. For the performance minded, the Aveo may not be a good choice, but with high performance Chevrolet Aveo parts, the possibilities are endless. Here at Parts Train, we have a complete line-up of Chevrolet Aveo parts that can make the lowly Chevy Aveo perform like its high-end counterparts. With the right knowledge and the right parts from Parts Train, we're sure that you can make your Chevy Aveo perform at its best.