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The Cadillac Cimarron was initially launched by General Motors in 1982 model year. Though the company has been trying to produce "smaller Cadillacs" like the Seville models before, the Cimarron so far, was the smallest, and in many views, the least popular model Cadillac ever produced, before or since. General Motor's original plan was to unveil the Cimarron model in the mid-80s. But the production of Cimarron had been rushed because of the growing demand for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars and the company is really craving to compete with BMW and Mercedes-Benz,.

The Cimarron was included in General Motor's economy car concept that spread over each GM brand. This concept was popularly called "J-car." Every division in GM produced their own version of this economy car concept such as Skyhawk from Buick; Sunbird, released by Pontiac; Firenza which was Oldsmobile entry and the Cavalier from Chevrolet. Every J-car models including the Cimarron was fundamentally the same basic car, having only minor differences in features and major dissimilarity in price. It can be noted that this is the only time in GM's history that it produced a familiar model that spread throughout each department of GM. The production of Cimarron runs only until 1988 model year.

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