They say everything gets better with age. Men become a lot hotter as they reach the 40's, like Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Even wines develop a crisper taste after being preserved for many years. Just like men and wines, an automobile brand also gets better and reaches a more prominent status as it adds years to its expertise. Most of today's major auto makers have a long history behind them, like Ford, Buick, Audi, and, of course, the highly respected Cadillac. The brand is way up there on top of the list when it comes to luxury car brands and even surpasses its fellow General Motors make, the Buick. It's the second oldest automobile brand that is all-American made, with Buick taking the top spot for being the oldest. Complete interchangeability of precision Cadillac parts made the brand extremely successful and helped it climb its way to the top as America's premium luxury car. The interchangeability of the car's components even caught the attention of the Royal Automobile Club of England, hence the brand bagged the coveted Dewar Trophy in 1908-the first American car to do so.

Bagging the Dewar Trophy once was already an honor, but Cadillac struck gold twice and took home the same award for the second time. It was the car's electric starting and lighting technology which made the brand bring home the bacon in 1912. After earning the trophy twice, the brand went from being known as just an all-American vehicle to being the "Standard of The World". For this, the brand is immovable in America's list of finest vehicle makes. When you own a car like this, it only means you're part of the mega rich and you're rolling in tons of bucks. The car's a staple in almost every rich and famous person's garage because of its stylish luxury finish combined with precision engineering.

One of the contributions of the brand to the automotive industry is the designer-styled bodywork. Prior to Cadillac's introduction of a more unique finish, the bodywork of cars were mostly auto-engineered. In 1927 though, Cadillac revolutionized the way bodyworks were made and incorporated a more distinct exterior finish to its models. The contributions don't stop there. In 1926, the brand also began manufacturing shatter-resistant glass for their automobiles to increase security and safety while driving. The company also deviated from the usual fabric-covered wood car roofs and launched the "turret top". This innovation also added to the safety of cars since the roof is made of pure steel instead of wood.

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