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The Wildcat was among the most notable and significant Buick car models. It was considered to be the first performance car to be produced and manufactured by General Motors' Buick division. Although expected to be more on all out performance, the Buick Wildcat turned out to be more of a luxury sports coupe. Even so, it initiated Buick's expedition for coming up with high performance automobiles that even resulted to Buick's usage of the Wildcat name to several Buick engines in the mid-60s. The Buick Wildcat was introduced in 1962 as a full size automobile and was produced until 1970.

The first Wildcat units, specifically those which were produced in the year 1962, were said to be sub-models of the famous Buick Invicta series. Such was a buddy of the smaller full-size two-door hardtop Buick body popularly known as the sport coupe tha is capable of generating an incredible 445 ft-lbf of tirque and 325 horsepower version of the 401 ci Nailhead V8 called Wildcat 445 engine. Other distinction of the Wildcat over the Invicta model is that it featured bucket-designed interior seats, a center console with tachometer and transmission shifter called TurbineDrive automatic, special exterior side trim, vinyl-covered roof, and most especially having its own emblem which is a stylized head of a wild cat positioned on each C-pillar.

The Wildcats produced from 1963 onwards were no longer a sub-series of the Invicta but instead had already its own series. In addition, the 1964 Wildcats did no longer have the traditional portholes but was replaced by the chrome hash-marks on the lower front quarter panel right behind the front wheel housings. Several body styles such as the convertible and four-door hardtop sedan were added for the 1963 Wildcat series to the then two-door hardtop coupe that was available in the preceding year. Other significant feature included the addition of a pillared four-door sedan to the existing standard and Custom levels of trim; and for the 1965 until 1969, a Deluxe trim was added to the base and Custom trims.

Talking about power which was the most important aspect for the Wildcat model, it came to boost 325 horsepower using the 401 cubic inch V8 Wildcat engine until 1966; it was then followed by the larger 425 cubic inch Super Wildcat V8 engine to generate 340 horsepower with four barrel carburetor or a 3600horsepower version with dual quads. Such powerplants were coupled with three-speed manual transmission with column shift as standard equipment on Wildcats having four-speed manual or three-speed Super Turbine 400 optional automatic transmission. For the remaining years of the Buick Wildcat, changes and upgrades in terms of power output was the only notable thing; until it was discontinued in 1971 and was replaced by the Buick Centurion.

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