Buick Super Parts & Accessories

Nothing feels as good as driving on the open road in a high performance vehicle. There are many car designs to choose in order to experience what its like to cruise on the road with great power surging under the hood. The cars we see today have really come a long way from the classics. Having a "look-back" on the cars of yesterday enables us to be aware and appreciate the stages of development the car industry had to go through. Buick is among the carmakers that have aimed to come on top and has succeeded.

Buick was established by David Dunbar Buick in 1903 but due to some financial crisis, the company was taken over by James Whiting. Whiting gave the management of the Buick Company to William Durant who was a natural in the business. Durant was able to make large profits from the company and started to acquire other companies. William Durant called his vast company General Motors. And Buick became one of the divisions of General Motors specializing in luxury vehicles for the US market.

Included in Buick's line-up of cars is the Buick Super which was produced during the 1940's up to the early 50's. During the 1940's when the Buick Super was developed, Buick cars were fashioned with unique exterior wherein fuller grilles embellish the front. The grille had horizontal bars and the headlamps were integrated into the fenders. The contours of the Buick Super are just right for its overall classic appearance. This car is also furnished with a comfortable interior so you can be assured of comfort whether you are going for a short drive or a long road trip.

When it comes to the parts that perform, Buick is a rear-wheel drive that has a 4.1L straight 8 engine. Through this engine the Super is able to rev-up a good 125 bhp and 278 ft-lbs of torque. Standard 3-speed selective sliding transmission is available for the driver. Aside from these performance parts, the manufacturer also equipped the car with powerful braking system that helps in negotiating steep terrain and tricky traffic situations.

The Super model is a true classic offering by Buick. Its unique design and comfortable interior makes it one beneficial car to have. If you are an owner of this classic car you need to make sure that every component are intact and in great condition. A good maintenance regime as well as occasional upgrading is some of the ways of preserving this model. For Buick Super parts and accessories you can come to Parts Train because we understand your needs for quality and durable items. You will not fail to benefit from Parts Train because all our products are provided at customer friendly prices.