Buick Special Parts & Accessories

What's so special about the Buick Special? Probably nothing. First and foremost, the vehicle is old, last manufactured by the Buick Motor Division way back in 1968. By now, all Buick Special vehicles probably look nothing different from other old cars that need a lot of repairs and restoration. On second thought, however, the Buick Special must really be special just for the simple fact that it is a Buick vehicle. Buick vehicles are luxury vehicles and even if the Buick Special is old, it can still be considered a luxurious classic vehicle.

The Buick Special has been part of Buick's yearly vehicle line-up for a very long time. Since 1938, the model and its various trim levels and body styles has been the company's entry level full-size automobile offering. This continued until it was replaced on its spot by the Buick LeSabre after the 1958 model year. But before the Buick Special vehicle model series was retired, it first became one of America's best selling automotive series in 1955.

The Buick Special left the automotive scene for two years only to return in 1961. But instead of again becoming the entry level full-size offering for the luxury brand, the Buick Special rather reappeared in the midsize automobile category. By then standing on the intermediate GM A platform, the Buick Special came specially equipped with an aluminum block 215-cid V8 engine. A year later, a smaller engine with the same structure as the 215 also became available. This engine was a 198-cid V6 engine, the first V6 engine ever used on an American car. With both engines, the model was sold further until 1969 when it was ultimately dropped from the Buick vehicle line-up.

An entry level vehicle for most of its life, many people today may find the Buick Special boring. Nevertheless, the vehicle is still a Buick and definitely very luxurious for a classic car. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide array of Buick Special parts that can aid you in repairing and restoring back your old Buick Special. With our high quality and high performance Buick Special parts, we're sure that your Buick Special will be restored to its original glorious form.