Buick Somerset Parts & Accessories

Buick was considered as the largest car maker in America before it was united with a mega-corporation, the General Motors. Vehicles produced by Buick was intended for customers who are well-off, perhaps not quite rich to afford the most expensive car, but positively in the market to pay for a car which is a cut above the norm. Unlike other GM's brand, the Buick is not marketed worldwide. At present, majority of Buick sales are restricted to the United States and Canada.

Among the vehicles made by Buick is the Somerset. It is a great yet affordable car with a nice trunk and a pleasant interior. The Buick Somerset Regal features comfortably low seats and it provides ample legroom for four passengers. For being a mid 80's General Motor vehicle, it handles quite well. This 3 speed 4 cylinder car yields an acceleration that is relatively amazing under 35 mph and more than enough to rev up to 65 mph. This car consumes between 23 and 33 mpg from its 12 gallon fuel tank.

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