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The Buick Skylark is a passenger car made by General Motors to run through 1953-1954, 1961-1972, 1980-1985, and 1987-1998 model years. The car design significantly varied in each production due to changing technology, changing tastes, increasing consumer demands and new standards being executed over the years.

The first Skylark was introduced to mark Buick's 50th anniversary. Produced as a limited edition, the original Skylarks were made distinctly unique. It sports a body design that made it appear lower than the standard convertibles. Unlike other Buick models, the Skylark doesn't feature ventiports or port holes. The Skylark was the first to showcase Buick's new engine, a 322 cid V8 with a four barrel carb, and an 8.5:1 compression ratio, which was rated 188 bhp. This new engine drove the Skylark from 0-60 in nearly 12 seconds and to a maximum speed of 105 mph.

Buick brought back the Skylark in 1961 as an intermediate "full size" car according to U.S. EPA standards. It once again yield a good performance with its standard 215 cid V8 with a four barrel carb rated at 185 bhp. The '63 Buick Skylark got full-length body panels and was distinguished via pillar-mounted emblems. The engine receives horsepower increase to 200 bhp. Starting in 1964, the Skylark Series added the Gran Sport package which incorporates Buick 401 cubic inch (6.6L) V8, making the Skylark a muscle car.

The Skylark that shortly runs through 1980 to 1985 model years shared General Motors new X-body architecture with Chevrolet Citation. The 1987 model year marked the launching of a new compact Skylark. For the following model years, Buick Skylarks receives some styling and performance modifications. Among the enhancements made to Skylark were the addition of driver and passenger-side airbag and automatic transmission, new grille, hood and headlamps, and lots of engine modifications that last until 1997 model year and Skylarks final season.

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