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The Riviera was first introduced by Buick in 1949 as an optional body style rather than a model. It comes as a 2-door pillar less hardtop and was described as "stunningly smart" car. Because of its extreme popularity over the next 30 years, GM launched the 4-door pillarless hardtop in 1955, making the Riviera options available in two configurations.

The Riviera was taken from the body style designation and was introduced as a new car on October 4, 1962 as '63 model. The first Riviera was considered as a styling landmark and is pretty collectible at present. It was an incredible success, providing the Thunderbird its primary competition.

The Buick Riviera was not a muscle car by itself, but it created a remarkable impact on the American automotive arena. It was consequently produced through seven generations, over 35 years and almost a million units were manufactured. Rivera's first front-drive model received Motor Trend's 1979 Car of the Year Award and its final '95 body grabbed more than a dozen design awards. The Buick Riviera characterized one of the most successful American attempts at confining European styling and performance in a huge automobile.

In 1995 model year, Riviera's original base engine, GM's 3800 V6 has been replaced with a comprehensively re-engineered 3800 Series II edition. This upgraded engine continues to be a supercharged version of the old 3800 V6, suitably called the supercharged 3800 V6. In the inside, the new Riviera is roomy with plenty rear, seat, head and leg room than many other sedans. It also has an elegantly simple dashboard design. Sharing Oldsmobile Aurora's platform, Riviera is a stand out among modern large luxury coupes. The Riviera always sports cutting edge styling and performance and it really deserves a place in American automotive history.

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