Buick Lucerne Parts & Accessories

The Buick Lucerne is a full-size car that has the body style of a 4-door sedan. Once again this was developed by the Buick Division of General Motor for 2006 model year, replacing the Park Avenue and LeSabre models. This new car is an evidence of technological evolution starting from its graceful lines, shiny bodywork, plush interior and powerful engine down to its sturdy wheels. This Lucerne was introduced to the market in the Chicago auto show last February 5, 2005. The idea of this new front-wheel drive Buick Lucerne originated from the model it replaced, the LeSabre. There were some plans of having it as a rear-wheel drive; however it did not come through.

Typifying engine excellence, the Buick Lucerne operates on a 3800 series V6 engine that delivers up to 197 horsepower and 227 lb-ft of torque. This advanced engine allows this mechanism to respond readily to the prompts or commands of the driver whether for increasing or lowering acceleration. Making use of gasoline or petrol, the whole system is fed through electronic throttle control. This engine is really an evidence of Buick's trustworthiness and great achievement. Similarly, its 4-speed automatic transmission is just enough in order to have excellent traction especially when negotiating curves or corners.

From the tranquil engine, the Buick Lucerne also exudes comfort and security through its interior components. You can have your comfort zone through the adjustable seats that are garnished with a trim. The arm rests are very ideal because of the built-in cup holders. Convenient and accessible consoles where you can place loose items in, as well as the overhead assistive handles are very helpful items. Maximizing the car's function are the defogger, heated mirrors, air conditioning and a lot more. Boredom during long drives will be eased through the built-in avant-garde entertainment system. You will also be provided with peace of mind with this car because it is equipped with advanced safety system that has six standard air bags. These air bags are strategically positioned in order to be more effective in their purpose.

General Motors has once again proved themselves through this new model in their line. A car that exhibits reliability and outstanding operation, it deserves only the best parts for replacement purposes. If you are thinking of upgrading your Buick Lucerne for better performance, the best source is Parts Train because of the wide range of choices provided.