Buick LaCrosse Parts & Accessories

Buick have carried the image of an old man's car for years, and for the 2005 model year, Buick wanted to change all that. They want to create a new impression—that of vehicles suited both for the old and the young. It is probably for this reason that they introduced the Buick LaCrosse. Promoted by the company as an all-new car that is sportier and more aggressive than their past models, the Buick LaCrosse should really be able to change Buick's hundred year old image. But by the actual looks of the car, critics would think otherwise.

The Buick LaCrosse is a new Buick car for the 2005 model year. It is a mid-size family sedan that replaced two cars, the Buick Century and the Buick Regal. The car was built on an updated version of the 16-year old front wheel drive BM W platform. For its debut year, the vehicle was available in three trim levels: the base model CX trim, the better equipped CXL trim, and the sportier CXS trim. Vehicles in all trim levels are equipped with all brand new body and interior parts.

While the Buick LaCrosse is indeed an all-new Buick vehicle model, most critics would claim that the car is nothing different from the previous Buick vehicles. But being a plain and old Buick has actually two sides in it. On the positive side, the car is expected to be as reliable and dependable as the previous Buick vehicles were. It is also expected to be of premium quality, equipped only with parts that are made from high quality materials. On the negative side, however, one should expect it to neither appear very stylish nor perform too aggressively, except maybe for the sporty CXS trim.

But no matter how you see the car, the Buick LaCrosse is undoubtedly a new Buick vehicle model. And aside from its new body and interior parts, it also sports some impressive features. For the CX trim, these impressive features include the 200-hp 3800 Series III V6 engine, QuietTunning™, Premium Ride Suspension, and Power Locks and Windows. Leather-appointed seating and a dual-zone automatic climate control makes the CXL trim more luxurious than the CX, while a 3.6-liter VVT V6 engine, a sport-tuned suspension and 17" aluminum wheels makes the CXS trim simply dominant.

A brand new car with old characteristics, the Buick LaCrosse would need some more high performance parts if you want it to perform at its best. And just when you think that there are no websites that can supply you with parts for vehicles that are new like the LaCrosse, Parts Train comes into the picture. Parts Train is your complete auto parts source for everything that your Buick Lacrosse needs. On our website, we have a complete line up of high quality Buick LaCrosse parts that you can choose from, from gorgeous wheels, fenders, bumpers and spoilers, to high performance engine and suspension parts.