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What's the point of changing the name of a vehicle model that is actually selling so well? Well, that has actually been the question of many Buick vehicle buyers when the company replaced the name of the Buick Century to Buick Invicta. Many believed that the Century was a much better name and changing it to a less popular and hardly understandable name would just spell failure for the company. For Buick, however, the move is simply a part of the company's decision to change all the names of their vehicle models.

The Buick Invicta was introduced in 1959, replacing the popular Buick Century as the division's entry to the full-size automobile market. Just like its more popular predecessor, the Buick Invicta also mates the body of the standard size Buick LeSabre with the big block V8-engine of the Buick Electra, thus the vehicle is often nicknamed as the "banker's hotrod". Upon its introduction, the Invicta was available in many body styles, including two-door hardtop coupes, sedans, station wagons and convertibles.

The change of name from Buick Century to Buick Invicta must not have affected the sales of the company at the start, but indications of the bad effects of the change appeared in later years. The Buick Invicta never became as popular as the Buick Century, with sales and production figures never even going near the figures achieved by its predecessor. The sales of the Buick Invicta was further hurt when the company introduced the Buick Riviera personal luxury automobile and the success of the Buick Wildcat in 1962 ultimately sealed off any chance for the sales of the model to recover. In 1964, the Invicta was sold only as a full-size station wagon before the model was eventually dropped from the line-up in the year that followed.

A change in model name may spell success for some vehicle models. But for some, like the Buick Invicta, only the opposite is true. Today, the Buick Invicta is but a plain old car that many people do not know anything of. Here at Parts Train, however, we assure you that we know everything about the car. So if you need restoration and repair Buick Invicta parts for your old car, just visit our site over the Net. Here at Parts Train, we have a complete line-up of high quality and high performance Buick Invicta parts that can solve all your Buick Invicta restoration and repair problems.