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General Motors may have gone bankrupt in the middle of 2009, but this US auto giant certainly left a fleet of vehicle makes that are still being marketed today. As one article in The Economist paper puts it-"The bankruptcy of General Motors: A giant falls". Without a doubt, the company's bankruptcy left tens of thousands of people jobless and the failure was largely blamed on mismanagement. However, many of its subsidiaries and vehicle models are still racking up huge sales, despite the mother company's downfall. General Motors was eventually reorganized with financing partially shouldered by the US government. Today, the company boasts of selling over 7.5 million cars worldwide, including the luxury brand Buick. This brand is one of GM's most precious since it is the company's oldest active American make. Even with GM's bankruptcy, the sales of this luxury car brand continued to rise, with Buick parts being sold and distributed globally to service the large upper market. Most of the models are being sold in major countries, like Canada, Taiwan, China, Israel, Mexico, and, of course, the United States.

As one of the world's oldest automobile brands, Buick can definitely rival Ford when it comes to longevity in the automotive industry. The brand first started in Detroit, Michigan as an independent manufacturer and maker of internal combustion engines back in 1899 before another company acquired it in 1903. The models and the brand itself underwent several developments before being marketed under the mega-corporation General Motors. In fact, GM was created out of Buick's success and profit.

The luxury brand was GM's pride and possibly the most successful during the early years. But Cadillac still takes the top cake when it comes to luxury and prestige since it still has a higher price tag compared to Buick. The make is second in GM's line up and the company gave off the image that if you own this brand, you are indeed comfortably well off, but your bank account doesn't hold staggering amounts yet since you still can't afford a Cadillac. That's the image GM built around Buick's customers. Yes, it is definitely a luxury car for the upper class, no doubt, but it still falls short of the mega wealthy crowd that Cadillac holds.

Like all luxury cars, Buick has its own emblem which sets it apart from all other makes. The badge of the brand is based on the founder's ancestral coat of arms in monochrome colors. Aside from the badge, other distinguishing features include the wide taillight shapes which were popularized by the Skylark and Electra models in 1965. If BMW has kidney grilles, this brand has the Waterfall grilles which feature the metal slits in a vertical direction, like waterfalls, rather than the traditional horizontal.

Even if your car is already an old Buick, it's never too late to take it for an upgrade. Browse our catalog of Buick accessories at Parts Train and you'll surely find something that will spice up your classic car.