BMW X5 Parts & Accessories

Go beyond your horizon! BMW X is a line of versatile vehicles that will make go through any weather, any corner, any pace and any passion! The most popular BMW X versions are X3, X5 and X coupe. The X5 is BMW's ultimate utility vehicle. BMW X5 SAV is known as the jack-of-all-trades as it sports functionality and flexibility for nearly any use, any terrain and any craze. It was also dubbed as the master-of-all-roads because it affords thrilling performance on or off the pavement and it yields sure-footed traction and control, even under extreme weather situation and intense driving condition. This vehicle will surely amaze you. Everything that you're looking for and every function that you wish for, X5 SAV have it all, do it all.

BMW has a strong faith in X5 that it created a platform and four-wheel-drive system just for it. The X5 is not based on BMW 5-Series sedans or wagons. The X is BMW-speak for all-wheel drive while 5 means the vehicle is, with BMW standards, midsize and midprice.

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