BMW M Parts & Accessories

The BMW M which is also known as M-Technik or just "M" which stands for Motorsport is a subsidiary of German car manufacturer BMW AG which was produced in May 1972. This vehicle was created to assist the BMW's racing program that turned out to be very successful in the year 1960s and in the 1970s as well. And after the success of the BMW M in racing venues and the growing market for high performance sports cars, it has established cars which were made to the public for sale.

The first M Series was introduced in 1979, the M1. The M1 was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 1978. This vehicle was more of a racecar in domestic trim than an everyday driver. It had been infused with a six cylinder engine with 277 H. Then it was followed by the M535i which was also introduced in that same year, with had 218 HP. Unfortunately, these two vehicles went out of production in 1981. But two years later, the BMW M6 was introduced which was powered with a six cylinder engine also and with 286 HP.

A year after, an all-new M535i was produced and year after year, BMW had come out with new vehicles: the M5 came available and the M3 was also introduced. It was followed by the M6, the M3 coupe, the M3 sedan and the M3 convertible. In 1997, the M3 sedan went out of production, but a year after the M coupe and the M roadster were released.

Though some of the M series did not survived, BMW never stopped producing a series of M which offers modified engines, suspension, aerodynamics, interior trim, and exterior styling because the very aim of the BMW M is to provide every patron with comfort enough for everyday driving with the combination of uncompromised satisfaction and performance. But expect that your BMW M parts will also come to an end because of constant use.

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