BMW 850 Parts & Accessories

BMW 8 Series, including the 850 model was introduced in 1990 as BMW's entry in the luxury sport coupe market. BMW 850 is superbly built with a wedge-shaped body that oozes style. It is outfitted with pop-up lights that look very fresh and modern. BMW 850's design has aged well and its interior features a solid built.

BMW 850 has long list of features so you surely got a lot for your money. BMW equipped this car with a failsafe system into the M70 V12 engine so if a problem was to occur in the engine, it would simply shut down to a bank of 6 cylinders and run as straight as 6. BMW 850's electronic throttle control is very smooth, the gear shift is precise and the acceleration is very respectable (0-100kph in 6s).

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