BMW 760i Parts & Accessories

All of BMW's vehicles are known for its maximum performance, its luxurious services, and its technologically-advanced amenities which aim to provide every BMW occupants an unparalleled driving experience. Among the vehicles of BMW vehicles that carry these outrageous characteristics is the BMW 760i. The BMW 760i is the magnificent culmination of all things a BMW vehicle possessed.

It is said to be that this vehicle is reserved for relatively small numbers of wealthy people but the influence of such cars goes far away from their unpretentious sales numbers. With its overall feature, no other vehicle can approach the BMW 760i's extraordinary blend of sport performance and abundant facilities.

Underneath the sculpted hood lurks, there is the 6.0-liter, V-12 engine that produces an amazing 438 horsepower and 444 lb.-ft. of torque, the power of which is manifested in the huge 20-inch wheels and performance tires, plus the Electronic Damping Control suspension infused with a default sport mode which comes standard. Aside from that power given by the potent engine, the BMW 760i is also endowed with luxurious features like the Active Support "massage" device located in the driver's seat, the dark ash wood interior trim, the Active Ventilation mounted on the front seats, and the 13-speaker Logic7 audio system equipped with a changeable 6-disc CD for you to be able to choose your favorite music.

You want more? The BMW 760i also comes standard with a technologically-advanced STEPTRONIC 6-speed automatic transmission which enables the transmission itself to find exactly the right gear for the right situation all the time. Meanwhile, the STEPTRONIC allows the driver to change and choose whatever gear he desires for more hands-on driving by simply pushing the buttons attached on the sport steering wheel.

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