BMW 760 Parts & Accessories

Every driving person, professional, and auto enthusiast will definitely love to tour around in a BMW vehicle. What more would it be to own one? BMW is a marquee of luxurious automobiles that does not adhere to mere opulence but rather to excellence in every model that it launches. It exhibits engineered craftsmanship with its sporting elegance and exclusive luxury in perfect harmony. These are just some of the most common features of the BMW; the same are there with the one you possess - the BMW 760.

Because BMW 760 is made to unite elegance and luxury, you are now set to explore the roads less traveled without the fear of discomfort. The BMW 760 is brought to life with a redesigned aluminum chassis that lets you accelerate without a fuss even on sharper bends. It is packed with a self-leveling system with air suspension on the rear axle and standard on the long-wheelbase version which maintains a consistent height and ground clearance regardless of the load it may carry.

The 760 is the flagship of comfort and character with the use of iDrive technology. This technology allows you to use intuitive skills in operating the frequently used functions like the air conditioning, the audio system, and the auto telephone. A terrestrial digital television (DVB-T) with DVD changer displayed on a 16:9 monitor at the front and an optional rear monitor, Professional LOGIC7 HiFi system, 13 speakers, radio, MP3, and CD changer are also installed at the center hump and at the rear for maximum freedom of personal comfort.

Above all these, the BMW 760 has an excellent V12 engine that incorporates valvetronic, a system that masterminds the lift motion of twenty four intake valves which controls the flow of combustion air with supreme accuracy. This is guaranteed to result to optimum fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emission. A 'dynamic drive' is used for its suspension system. This is an active suspension that offers significantly high standard in lateral dynamic stability or body stability. Whatever type of driver you are, you will be better with an 'adaptive transmission management' - automatic gear shifter.

The BMW 760 has so much in store for you. Its parts are exceptional in terms of standards that optimize the modern technology used in the BMW. However, parts are still parts which are subject to the negative effects of aging. Maintenance is still the best refresher. But, when damage is on the way, you better start scouting for replacements. You have Parts Train to provide you with the same quality and durability as your original BMW parts. Check us out now and preserve your high end BMW model.