BMW 650i Parts & Accessories

One vehicle style that can be seen on the road is the coupe. For those who may not be aware, a coupe is car body style that has a close-coupled interior. This is basically a two-door car offering two seats in front as well as 2 seats for occasional passengers at the back. Coupes have been distinguished as having a fixed roof; however there have been some models that have detachable roofs so it's become more like a convertible. Coupes exude an air of dynamism and vitality that will make people take a closer look.

A breathtaking model of a coupe is the BMW 650i. This model belongs to the BMW 6-Series that was produced from 1976 until 1989. A second generation of this line was again launched recently last 2003 and continues to be produced up to the present year. The vehicles included in the 6-Series are provided either as 2-door coupe or 2-door convertible. The BMW 650i in particular is available as a coupe and convertible with advanced features and high-end performance. Aside from that, this is also very luxurious that riding in it is always a one of a kind experience.

When it comes to power you cannot ask for more with its 360 horsepower coming from the 4.8L V8 engine. Gear shifting is made easy with the automatic transmission provided. However, for those who are used to dealing with the road at their pace, a 6-speed manual transmission is provided as an option. A big plus on the latest edition of the 650i is the advanced active Steering System that automatically adjusts the steering proportion in order to have an easier and convenient road handling. Moreover, there is no more excessive body roll when driving along sharp curves because this coupe is equipped with the sophisticated Active Roll Stabilization feature. The driver is always made aware of the mechanism's data during the drive through the effective analog devices. Driver and passenger safety is provided for with the antilock disc brakes on all four wheels, front side impact airbags and full-length airbags. Luxury and comfort are also provided by this BMW 6-Series model. The driver's spot is very spacious for moving around, likewise for the back part.

The BMW 650i can really deliver the performance and comfort almost everyone wants in their driving gear. Those who are lucky enough to own one should make sure that everything is in great shape. If some of the BMw650i's components show some defects, the best thing would be to have them replaced. For these replacement parts you can come to the best online source — Parts Train.