BMW 540i Parts & Accessories

This BMW 540i belongs to the family of 5-Series vehicle lineup of BMW which is a mid-size luxury car and executive car. This series is available with different engines like the 525i with the same engine as the 325i, the 530i with the same engine as the 330i, while the 540 and 545i having a 4.4 L V8 producing 325 hp. Unfortunately, as of this year 2006 these BMW 540i and BMW 545i model year has been phased out in favor of the BMW 550i, with a 4.8 L V8 producing 360 hp.

However, this BMW 540i is also became popular on its previous production years. BMW 540i is a true sport sedan vehicle, using a front-engine and rear-drive layout for better balance and can be equipped with a manual transmission for the enthusiast who wants to be involved with the task of driving. Standard features include four-wheel ventilated ABS brakes, all-season traction, front fog lights, and child safety locks. The list of safety measures continues with side head protection air bags, side impact air bags, driver depowered air bag, and passenger depowered air bag. Heated windshield washer jets and high-pressure washer keep the front lights clear for uninterrupted, clear visibility. In the performance arena, the powerful yet light alloy 4.4-litre engine features four overhead camshafts, 32 valves, variable valve timing, and eight cylinders. These impressive points combine to pump out 282 horsepower, while at the same time scoring a rating as a low-emission vehicle. Such these features, this truly makes the BMW 540i a superb vehicle that every car enthusiast must owned.

Of course, luxury is never disregarded at this model. Since, it is the main objective of BMW, to give comfort while driving. This may perhaps the reason why they have the tagline "The Ultimate Driving Machine", wherein somewhere in Asia they use the tagline "sheer driving pleasure".

This BMW 540i is definitely a car to own. Even if it is currently out of the market with its style and performance and any way you look at it, this BMW 540i can satisfy the definition of a luxury sport sedan. With regards to its parts, don't bother. We at Parts Train can provide you a complete line of BMW 540i parts all year round and as well as for more coming years. We have BMW 540i parts ranging from its replacement parts to its performance parts. Anything you need from your BMW 540i we definitely have them.