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BMW 535i

BMW is among the most notable automaker in the automotive industry. It is even considered as the world's largest maker of automobiles. BMW is also the parent company of other notable car brands such as Rolls-Royce and MINI. It is also the former owner of the Rover. With the taglines, "sheer driving pleasure" and "the ultimate driving machine", BMW has indeed shown the world that they can create and manufacture great vehicles.

For so many years of existence in the auto industry, BMW had already introduced many vehicles in different platforms, models, body styles and designs. Now, among the most notable BMW models are those models included in the BMW 5 Series lineup. Basically, the BMW 5 Series is the midsize luxury or executive car from BMW and are available in sedan and station wagon body styles. The first models of the 5 Series were introduced in 1972. Currently, BMW is in the fifth generation of creating 5 Series models.

According to history, the 5 Series were named as such since it was the fifth among BMW "new series" of cars; after the Isetta and V-8 era. Also, the BMW 5 Series models were destined to replace BMW's smaller sedans belonging to the New Class; which will leave BMW's coupes as low-end models. Now, among the models that was introduced and manufactured under the 5 Series was the BMW 535i. And as the 5 Series was designed to render real driving pleasure, the BMW 535i came out in the market complete with apt powertrain, elegant designs and great comfortable and luxurious gears and equipments.

Basically, the BMW 535i was introduced during the second generation of the 5 Series; in 1982. It was sold both in the US and Europe with a 3.4 L engine that was designed to give off more torque and power. And since the second generation of the 5 Series was considered as the evolution of the first, the BMW 535i was rather stylistic and high-performing than its previous counterparts. Form 1988 to year 1992, the 535i got a new 3.5 L I6 engine. Now, this was the fourth generation of the 5 Series and all models included are considered to be the most elegant of its time; these models even received awards for reliability and safety. In the year 1996 to 2003, BMW 535i got a V8 engine that was designed to give off a boosting 245 horsepower.

The BMW 535i was discontinued in 2004 to give way to BMW's new generation of 5 Series vehicles. However, for many 535i fans, this vehicle is still among the best. And if you're one of these enthusiasts, you're lucky. And being lucky is not just because you've got a great ride but because you can now find replacement or performance upgrade parts for your 535i. Parts Train offers great choices of auto parts, body parts or performance parts for your BMW 535l. Parts Train stocks high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts for any BMW models including BMW 535i.