BMW 530i Parts & Accessories

BMW now has a very wide range of marquee ever produced for the world's car market. Among their famed models is the BMW 5-Series which is comprised of mid-size luxury cars that was first introduced in 1972. The models being produced these days already belong to the fifth generation. As can be expected, the fifth generation is much more improved than its predecessors. The cars developed in the 5-Series are usually in the body style of a sedan or a station wagon. One of the models under this series is the BMW 530i which is developed in the sedan style. The most recent edition of this model is not just a sedan but another work of art from BMW. By just looking at its appearance, one will really be awed by the sheer beauty of it. This car is a showcase of BMW's engineering capabilities at its highest level.

Everything about the car's exterior features is carefully developed. The hood, side and rear sections manifest smooth and graceful contours give it a flawless appearance. Its appealing looks are a beacon, inviting anyone to taka on a one of a kind experience of sheer driving pleasure. This kind of experience possible through the superb performance it can give. With a powerhouse of 3.0L dual overhead cam, 24-valve inline 6cylinder engine, the car can really accelerate using the 255 hp it produces. A 6-speed manual transmission helps the driver to negotiate curves and sharp turns more efficiently. An optional 6-speed automatic is also given as an option for enhanced road handling. The all-aluminum suspension for both the front and rear wheels reduces the bumpiness and jerky ride.

Another very important factor that a lot of drivers look for in a car is its safety features. The BMW 350i has all the necessary safety devices like the driver and passenger airbags, head protection system, safety belts and automatic-locking retractors. All of these will help make you feel relatively safe until you reach your destination.

The fineness of this vehicle does not end up there because its interior is an embodiment of elegance. Just like other BMW models, its furnishings are smart and well-organized. The color combinations used almost seems formal but an air of amiability is exuded by the splash of dark colors on the dash. Aside from that, technologically advanced features like the automatic climate control, 2-way power glass moon roof, ambiance lighting, and anti-theft stereo/CD audio system are also installed for the convenience and comfort of all.

A car like the BMW 530i can last long in its service. But when the time comes that its parts become inefficient, you have Parts Train to help and provide you with the BMW 530i items suited to your needs.