BMW 528i Parts & Accessories

Time and time again, BMW has proven its ability to cater to the market's requirements in all kinds of vehicles. Since its establishment in the early 1900's, BMW has really exerted their utmost in keeping pace with the technological advancements happening and has ingeniously used them on the cars they developed. This initiative of theirs is what jeeps them on top of the game. Modern technology is evident in most of their creations, especially on the vehicles they have developed just recently. An evidence of this is the BMW 528i which was produced in the late 1990's until 2000.

The BMW 528i is one of the models included in the fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series. This model is actually a variation of the E39, also from the 5 Series. This model was introduced chiefly to the American market. Another label was used for this car as it was introduced to the European scene. Aside from being a 4-door sedan, it also had sporty features that made a great impact on people who like elegance and vitality in a single package.

At a glance, the BMW 528i looks smaller than it really is. But as they say, looks can sometimes be deceiving because in this case, the BMW is so spacious inside that it can accommodate 4 passengers comfortably still with ample room left for some luggage. For its exterior, the sport models have matte-black trim on the windows, door sills and bumpers. Other models make use of chrome for these features. Comfort is amply provided with its contemporary interior design. A relaxing ambiance is given off by the combined dark and light tones of the furnishings. Any journey will be a one of a kind experience because of the luxurious leather seats. High-tech devices are installed on this car including power front seats, mirrors, audio controls and climate controls, so you could not ever want for more once you ride in the BMW 528i.

The powerhouse of this vehicle is in the 2.8L inline- engine under the hood. This engine can get the car to accelerate using a maximum 193 hp and a torque 206 ft-lbs. Its rear-wheel drive system is controlled by the standard 5-sepeped automatic transmission it's installed with. This transmission makes changing gears and speed so fast and smooth, it almost seems so effortless.

A good maintenance regime is just right for a great car like the BMW 528i. If ever some parts become defective, you can simply come to Parts Train because we have all the items you need. With the help of Parts Train bringing back the performance of this car can be done in just a snap.